“Truth in Advertising Matters”: Advertising Standards Canada PSA Competition

If it’s not a lie, does that make it true?

In March 2014, I decided to participate in my second advertising competition against over 40 teams from universities and colleges across Canada. The task? Develop a creative PSA advertising campaign for Advertising Standards Canada revolving around the message: “Truth in Advertising Matters”.

The Target Audience

  • Canadians who hold an opinion about or interest in advertising
  • PSA creative must have broad audience appeal; audience includes younger and older Canadians, females and males, individuals and family members, and all income groups and geographic locations

Objective of PSA

  • Build awareness of ASC and the advertising industry’s commitment to advertising that is truthful, fair and accurate


  • All Canadians have the right to expect advertising that is truthful, fair and accurate

Principal Message

  • Truth in Advertising Matters


  • The industry’s code of standards for advertising — the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards (Code) — establishes standards for advertising that is truthful, fair and accurate. The advertising industry supports the Code and ASC.

Working with my partner Sam Consiglio, we came up with a unique idea for a campaign. We think we got something.

Below are some of the creative materials that I produced for our submission:

Campaign Overview

30-Second TV PSA

30-Second Radio PSA


Advertising Standards Canada Competition - "Just One Piece" Campaign

Because of our unique idea, our campaign was fortunately awarded 5th place (Top 5) out of 40+ teams competing from advertising programs across Canada.

Overall, it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Especially coming from a business program, it was refreshing to be able to flex more of our creative muscles. If you haven’t checked out Advertising Standards Canada’s current campaign yet, you definitely should!


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